Use Cases


Overview of the various ways Okta can be used to authenticate users depending on your needs.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Using Okta's Multi-Factor Authentication API to add MFA to an existing application.

API Access Management

Secure your APIs with Okta's implementation of the OAuth 2.0 standard.

Integrate with Okta

Make your app enterprise ready and connect with thousands of customers with the Okta Application Network.


Getting started with the Okta API

Understand the basics of the Okta API. Includes details on design principles, error codes and CORS to help you quickly get started.

Authentication Reference

Documentation describing how to use Okta APIs to authenticate users. Includes sample requests and responses.

API Reference

Documentation for all available Okta REST API endpoints. Includes sample requests and responses.

Error Codes

Information about the errors that the Okta API returns.

Okta Expression Language

The features and syntax of Okta's Expression Language which can be used throughout the Okta Admin Console and API.

Platform Release Notes

Information on the changes and updates in the Okta platform.